Blowers & Aeration Fans

The ultimate in pneumatic performance.

At S3 Air Systems our focus is on the technological advancement and custom application of pneumatic systems.

We approach every project with complete discretion, specialized air-power knowledge, and a long-term commitment to quality and value in every detail. We supply custom air-system products in a variety of OEM applications bearing some of the best names in manufacturing, as well as catalogue products under the S3 Air Systems brand.

Design & engineering

S3 Engineers are committed to high-efficiency designs that meet airpower requirements with minimal input power. Working collaboratively with our customers throughout the process of engineering, testing, and into production, our process begins with an in-depth analysis of the complete system.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we can quantify efficiencies and the distribution of flow rates accurately, in the lab environment. Computational fluid dynamics allow our engineering teams to quickly reduce variables and perfect individual segments of the system prior to prototyping. Our proven approach to data collection, analysis, virtual prototyping, and test simulators dramatically reduce a pneumatic system’s design cycle. With careful consideration to size, mounting, and rotational speed constraints, we provide the most cost-effective and reliable solutions available.

Condensed prototyping and field testing

Once virtual prototyping in the lab is complete, our engineers and manufacturing team build the physical prototype and begin physical testing and accelerated longevity testing. With specialized mobile testing units (available in North America & Europe) that measure data points including volume, air pressure, and horsepower, our engineers test the system in real-world situations in the field. These specialized field systems allow our engineers to also provide reports and detailed analytics on existing systems.

Manufacturing & delivery

With the completion of the perfected prototype, S3 Air Systems enters production—with precision. With many decades of experience, scientific advancement, and innovative manufacturing techniques and equipment, our capabilities and product inventory are second-to-none. We are committed to our focus on being reliable supply-chain partners offering cost-effective fulfillment strategies that significantly benefit our clients.