Need a Custom Blower or Pneumatic System?

Over the years, our team has supplied both custom and pre-designed fans for a variety of agricultural applications both proprietary and for other manufacturers. These products include:

  • grain vacuums
  • chaff spreaders
  • inline and centrifugal aeration fans
  • air drills
  • air seeders
  • air reels
  • row crop planters
  • fertilizer applications
  • sprayer systems
  • material handlers

Our Blowers

Blower performance is measured by comparing air power output (pressure, flow) to mechanical input power. S3 Engineers are committed to high efficiency designs that meet our customers’ air power requirements while requiring minimal input power. We take size, mounting, and rotational speed constraints into account to provide the most cost effective solutions available in the agricultural industry. Both our in-house and mobile test equipment are designed using AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) standards to ensure the accurate quantification of our blower products and our customers' air systems.

A fan is comprised of three main elements: rotor, housing and drive. We have a few pre-designed configurations of these components that can be quickly packaged to fit a variety of applications. While we don’t offer a catalogue, we do have performance curves readily available to prove that these S3 solutions offer better performance and efficiency than the competition. Contact us for specifications, pricing and performance information that can help you move your pneumatic system forward.

Custom Pneumatic Systems

Working collaboratively with our customers from concept through testing and into production, we begin with an in-depth analysis of the complete system.

Prototyping and testing is a critical but expensive and time-consuming stage. At S3 Air Systems, we can drastically reduce the time and expense for these two segments of a pneumatic system’s design cycle with our proven approach to data collection, analysis, virtual prototyping and test simulators.

Mobile Field Testing

S3 utilizes a mobile testing unit to measure data outputs like volume, air pressure and horse power while the system is operating in the field.

Field testing is used during new product design and prototyping stages, or as an independent service to provide reports and detailed analytics on existing systems.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Through computational fluid dynamics (CFD), we accurately quantify efficiencies and the distribution of flow rates in a virtual platform, reducing variables and honing in on the segments of the system that will require actual prototyping.

Condensed Prototype Phase

Once virtual prototyping is complete, our team builds the actual prototype, and then engages in accelerated longevity testing.


Now that the system has been created and refined, S3 Air Systems can build it with precision. Our manufacturing capabilities are second-to-none as a result of many years of experience. Our commitment to superior equipment and procedures, driven by high performing people, allow S3 Air Systems cost-effective and advanced fulfillment strategies that significantly benefit our clients.