S3 Air Systems and IntraGrain Technologies Inc. debut a new product

S3 Air Systems and IntraGrain Technologies Inc. debuted a new product, BIN-SENSE Ready S3 Aeration Fans, at an exclusive product launch held January 14 and 15 in Saskatoon, SK.


BIN-SENSE is an electronic monitoring system for temperature and moisture inside a bin that interfaces with an app installed on a farmer’s phone, tablet or computer.  When paired with fan control, the farmer is able to turn on their aeration fan from their phone or off a timer.


CEO, Richelle Andreas, expresses “A conventional installation of BIN-SENSE fan control can take an experienced electrician more than an hour per aeration fan.  With our BIN-SENSE Ready” fans, installation is greatly simplified and only takes a few minutes.  You can appreciate that if you are putting in a bin yard with 12 new bins, saving 10 hours of electrician costs could be real money.”


BIN-SENSE Ready S3 Aeration Fans will be available to the market Spring 2019.


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