June 19, 2020 – S3 Air Systems, located in Swift Current, SK, introduced the future of grain aeration with the launch of UFO Aeration.


“Our goal was to give farmers a User Friendly Option for their vertical aeration system.  UFO Aeration offers better airflow performance, with less installation hassle and more flexibility, at a lower cost than traditional aeration systems,” comments Al Marques, General Manager of S3 Manufacturing Inc.


Designed to overcome the challenges of traditional vertical aeration systems in storage bins, UFO aeration is made of durable, light-weight, heavy-duty polymer components that fit easily through bin openings as small as 18”.  The bolt-together, interlocking design makes installation simple while the steel support plates and legs provide stability.  Given its modular construction and telescoping legs, a farmer can add or remove stages to increase or decrease the height of the aeration system to best suit its intended use.  The conical shape of the components mirror the angle of repose of grain to allow for more than 4 times the airflow of traditional vertical aeration systems.


“New products don’t always have to be about being bigger or faster or more technically advanced.  Sometimes the greatest innovations are about making things simple.  Farmers have enough challenges they need to manage, their aeration system doesn’t have to be one of them,” adds Richelle Andreas, CEO of S3.


As part of the S3 family of companies, S3 Air Systems Inc. brings decades of experience in engineered air power solutions.  

To Pre-Order your UFO Aeration visit, Deliveries starting in July 2020.